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2015 S-Class Coupe Body:

The flagship Mercedes-Benz coupe returns to the S-Class, drawing a line to its rich heritage and a bold trajectory into the future. Sweeping and sleek, it is also a sculpture of tensed muscle from its expressive headlamps to its new horizontal taillamps, all rendered in LED. Its iconic wide grille presents a modern new texture and chrome frame, luring the eye along the twin power-dome hood and over the roof, much as the wind is quickly swept past the coupe’s flowing shape.2015-S-CLASS-S550-COUPE-Pillarless Export

Pure Pillarless Profile:
A signature of Mercedes-Benz coupes since the early 1960s, the pillarless profile of the S-Class Coupe presents an uninterrupted span from the windshield to the rakish rear roofline. It’s more than a detail of panoramic elegance. It’s also symbolic of the unimpeded passion and seamless engineering advancement that make such an aesthetic triumph possible, even as structural integrity increases and weight diminishes. In fact, it’s the only coupe to have remained pillarless for more than 50 years.

2015-S-CLASS-S550-COUPE-interior Import Export

Handcrafted 4-passenger cabin:
A showcase of advanced technology, the cabin’s exquisite craftsmanship and design raise modern art and timeless comfort to new pinnacles. Four individual seats are swathed in supple Nappa leather and surrounded by topstitched upholstery on nearly every surface. Exotic, handcrafted wood trim, in a delectable array of options, is accented in satin aluminum. And every surface is rendered in three dimensions, to envelop the four seats in a way that is at once invigorating and relaxing.

2015-S-CLASS-COUPE-All LED Exterior Lighting Export Import Rates

All-LED exterior lighting:
The S-Class is the first car without a single lightbulb since the advent of electric lighting in automobiles. From its headlamps to its distinctive horizontal taillamps, nearly 200 long-lasting and energy-efficient LED’s accomplish every exterior lighting function with distinctive style. LEDs also offer quicker illumination, offering other drivers more time to react to your brake lamps and other signals.

2015-S-CLASS-S550-COUPE-Advanced Instrumentation and Controls Export Import rates

Advanced Instrumentation and Controls:
A pair of 12.3-inch high-resolution screens use a variety of re-configurable displays to unify every function of traditional gauges and advanced in-car technologies with exceptional clarity. The elegant analog-style gauges, as well as the realistic illustration and animation of driving systems, vehicle settings and convenience features are all brought to life with intuitive visuals that make even the most advanced features quickly feel like second nature.

2015-S-CLASS-S550-COUPE-Panorama Roof Import Export

Panorama Roof:
Offering all four passengers sweeping skyward views, this transparent roof treatment features a fixed panel of heat-rejecting tinted glass. An interior power shade allows the driver to adjust the amount of sunlight entering the cabin.

2015-S-CLASS-S550-COUPE-Nappa Leather Steering Wheel Import Export

Multi-function Sport Steering Wheel wrapped in Nappa Leather :
Hand-sewn in supple Nappa leather, the sport steering wheel features three spokes, perforated side grips and a flattened lower section. It also includes power tilt and telescopic adjustment. Fingertip-convenient buttons let you adjust the audio, access your Bluetooth® phone and activate the voice control. You can also scroll through the features of the illustrated multi-function display in the instrument cluster, with a “home” button further enhancing its ease of use.

2015-S-CLASS-COUPE-LED Interior Lighting Import Export

Multi-color/multizone LED ambient lighting:
A network of hundreds of LED’s and fiber-optics can create not just a soothing ambience in the cabin, but one you can alter to suit your mood, or even create one. Seven selectable colors, adjustable brightness, and three lighting zones let the driver control the atmosphere like never before. In the front cabin, LED underlighting of the sweeping “waveform” dash and subtle backlighting of the in-dash displays elevate the cabin’s finely crafted beauty while highlighting its fascinating technology.

2015-S-CLASS-S550-COUPE-side export import rates

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